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Patrick Müller
Zum Brühl 42
69190 Walldorf

Tel.: +49 6227 398 55 75
Telefax: +49 6227 399 94 29

Ust.-Nr. DE295707848



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5124232 Jörg Vollmer 


8429896 khz process management concept
9985252 V. Yakobchuk  Blueprint
15414583 Cybrain  Global computer network. Hi-res digitally generated image.
37390531 ag visuell  3D-Struktur aus blauen und weissen Blocks
42544342 arballo árbol en las manos
42642452 Sergey Nivens  Engineering and design image
46940800 James Thew Network Community
50348195 sellingpix  Future technology. Girl press button touchscreen interface.
54491894 alphaspirit  Teamwork of businesspeople
56719772 Andrei Merkulov Sketch of piping design mixed with industrial equipment photo
67844411 kasto  Speaker at Business convention and Presentation.
69035001 WavebreakmediaMicro  Curve of digital screens in blue
76210235 Romolo Tavani Unity is strength – teamwork concept
76962155 Trends World Map Marketing Ideas Social Style Concep
77703430 vege puzzle
82285297 Gina Sanders Österreich, Linz. Lichter von fahrenden Autos
84915299 lassedesignen  Business Warrior
88449702 everythingpossible close up of businessman hand showing texture the world with digi
89871457 Industrieblick Herstellung von Gasturbinen
92655883 tashatuvango Ability Controller on Black Control Console
106604431 SFIO CRACHO closeup photo of stylish bearded banker wearing glasses and looking city. Double exposure, panoramic view contemporary megalopolis background. Space for your business  message. Wide, sunset effect
107617688 olly  Creative team projecting a website
109720711 turgaygundogdu Going Your Own Way on Blackboard
110830426 pressmaster  IT student
121342532 tashatuvango  Ability on Chalkboard in the Office. 3D.
122245502 zapp2photo  Industry 4.0 concept .
133831260 backgroundzapp2photo Industry 4.0 concept .Man hand holding tablet with Augmented reality screen software for measure temperature of motor in smart farm background
133884232 fotogestoeber  blonde Geschäftsfrau vor weißem Hintergrund
136542350 NicoElNino  Big data analytics and business intelligence (BI) concept, icons, interface
142203181 Elnur Businessman in global business concept
146865460 Elnur Businessman in big data management concept
154705649 phonlamaiphoto  android robot thinking in office
159024676 wavebreak3  Business people planning with adhesive notes in creative office
159098342 hedgehog94 Young happy female worker in bottling factory writing notes about bottles before shipment. Inspection quality control
189009991 ty  Group of young business people and designers.
189216726 artinspiring  Customization concept illustration
171093317 Elnur Business people crossing the bridge with cogwheels